EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder Review

EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder Review

There are plenty of burr grinder models these days and choosing the right one can be a confusing job. As luck would have it, you can find many reviews online on different products, and this can make all that searching and canvassing a bit more tolerable.

Many customers are willing to chip in their ten cents’ worth of appliances and gadgets that they bought so every bit of their opinions will work. Need more advice about manual coffee grinders? Then allow us to tell you more about these devices.

We have here a review on the EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder and in case you are curious about this product, read on and get into the review.


  • Professional-level product that provides consistent grinds
  • Versatile, can be used as an herb or a spice grinder
  • Long steel handle makes for better grinds
  • Includes strong, rust-free conical ceramic burrs that are capable of absorbing less heat
  • Designed to suit the Aeropress (sold separately)
  • Portable and convenient
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel for better durability
  • Grind coarseness is simple to adjust


A coffee grinder like the EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder is the kind that employs two rotating rough surfaces called burrs in order to mill coffee beans.

A true coffee enthusiast will always say that to have a proper cup of coffee, you have to mill it first using a manual coffee grinder with burrs. Manual ones have lots of benefits over the electric models particularly when it comes to prices.

Manual coffee grinders are usually quieter than electric models. Hence it is the better choice for early-risers who want to make fresh coffee in the morning. The hand grinder is pretty much a fuss-free product and it dependable to boot. They are usually smaller in size which makes them convenient enough for travel.

Burr grinders like the EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder is made with stainless steel material but they come in ceramic types too. The stainless steel kind is usually affordable and is quite rust-resistant.

Units with conical burrs have a bigger area compared to flat burrs. The conical ones shed heat in a quicker manner due to its conical form and the larger surface area it provides.

This model thus far has performed a decent job. The grinds that it provides are balanced and it has an adjustable assembly. All you have to do is tug on the top half off and rotate the knob. To fill the item with beans, you have to guarantee that the top and bottom parts are joined, then remove the lid of the top part.

Put the beans inside, replace its lid then position the handle on the hex part. Twist the handle in order to mill the beans. If you cannot sense any roughness when turning the hand crank, it means the grounds are done and the procedure is finished.

The majority of customers who are into conical burr grinders said the best things about the item are its affordability, consistent grinds, easy operation, portability, excellent materials and sleek designs.


A manual coffee grinder is hand-cranked in order for it to work. Meaning it requires some elbow grease and a bit of effort. While there are models that do fast work, there are also ones that will take some time to grind beans.

This is not a product for those who want automatic, zero-effort coffee. The hand-cranking is not really a huge deal for many coffee enthusiasts but for a few, it can be a bothersome job to take on.


If you are new to the world of conical burr hand grinders, then the EZE Home Goods Coffee Grinder might be the device you can start with. It is simple to use, affordable, provided decent performance and comes with ceramic conical burrs, which are considered by many coffee aficionados as the best burrs made in the business.

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