Firlar Premium Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Firlar Premium Manual Coffee Grinder Review

A device that will bring you great-tasting coffee at any hour is something that coffee enthusiasts would like to own. Thankfully the manual coffee grinder was invented. Manual grinders come in two kinds of burrsL the flat burr and the conical burr.

The shape and form of those burrs are what their name implies. For most coffee lovers, though, the grinder with conical burrs is better than models with flat ones. For this review, we are going to discuss the workings of Firlar’s Premium Manual Coffee Grinder.


  • Has built-in adjustable grind selection for better user control
  • Can accommodate brewing methods from espresso, percolator to Turkish coffee
  • Includes conical ceramic burrs that give sharp, reliable grinds
  • Portable, small and lightweight
  • Made of durable stainless steel material
  • Will not need batteries or electricity to operate
  • Has convenient hand crank apparatus


A nice cup of joe can be hard to come by and if you are an avid enthusiast of the fragrant, lush stuff, you will most probably want to have freshly ground coffee.

If you are a busy person but need a coffee that satisfies your taste buds, a manual coffee grinder will be your best friend. Coffee grinders are not the same.

They differ in terms of sizes, features, functions and materials. And when purchasing a hand grinder with conical burrs, you have to remember a few crucial things so you will get a quality product.

The Firlar Premium is made with stainless steel material hence it is durable. Keep in mind that it’s okay to spend a bit more just as long as you acquire a product that has exceptional quality and is made with durable materials.

A manual model like the Firlar Premium is also ideal since it has a portable design. You can take them when traveling, camping or hiking and it will not require the use of other items like power cords or batteries.

If you do not mind doing things manually, this product will keep on producing tasty coffee for you. This is a hand-cranked model that needs the strength of your elbow in order to operate and begin milling your precious grounds.

The unit has conical ceramic burrs that perform the milling. The primary body is made from durable stainless steel. All of its components can be removed for cleanup and maintenance.

The majority of customers who provided the product with excellent feedback appreciated that it is lightweight and small in appearance. Many commented that they have used the item for caravans, camping and beach outing activities.

Due to the presence of ceramic conical burrs, the product is also quieter compared to electric hand grinders. If you have family around and you often make coffee early in the morning, this is the ideal unit to work with since it emits minimal noise while operating.

Customers who were into the unit were glad that the device was easy to use, clean and store. It will not require lots of space on the counter or in the cupboards. It has a small window where you can see the amount of coffee one has milled.

Many also took notice of its excellent sleek design and the other useful items that came with the package like the carrying bag and the cleaning brush.


The product was not safe from bad feedback though. There were some who complained that grinding the coffee took a while and it required some effort. According to another customer, the unit was not fit to grind a great amount of coffee.


Despite a few complaints from customers, many still regard the Firlar Premium Manual Coffee Grinder as a good buy because of its hardworking and consistent ceramic conical burrs.

It is affordable so it is great value for your dollar. It does get the job done no matter the kind of grind, from Turkish to cold brew type. It is a handy and portable device too so if you love to travel, you have to get this.

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