Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill Review

Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill Review

If you are on the hunt for a long-lasting, durable manual coffee grinder that is also capable of providing consistent grinds, then perhaps you may want to check out the Hario Skerton ceramic coffee mill.

Investing in a manual coffee grinder has been proven to be a practical and helpful decision since having one around will guarantee that you will always have a piping-hot, fresh and flavorful cup of coffee anytime you wish.

The Skerton is one of the company’s most coveted products due to its functionality and convenience. For more information about the product, do read the rest of the review.


  • Has adjustable properties for accurate grind
  • Includes quality, strong ceramic burrs
  • Excellent quality glassware
  • Easy to clean, use and dishwasher-safe
  • Compact, portable and lightweight


Hario presents one of their best products at a price that everyone can afford. The Skerton is bigger than the majority of hand coffee grinders out there and has a larger capacity too. It has ceramic burrs that are durable and sturdy but will not burn the beans.

The unit has an hourglass-like design with the bean hopper positioned on top. The catcher for the grounds is fixed on the bottom while the grinding apparatus is in the middle.

The hopper is made from transparent, gray plastic while the grounds catcher has an all-glass body with a rubber foundation. The glass container can be taken off for fuss-free pouring and it also includes an additional lid for hermetic storage.

The swivel arm is positioned above the hopper and it can be taken away for fast milling adjustments, for cleanups or disassembly. It has a very unique design which is refreshing since the majority of manual hand grinders often have the same visage. Provided with enough care and maintenance, this product will stand the test of time.

Ceramic burrs are typically found on high-end grinders yet the Skerton has this, which is a great gesture from the company since budget-conscious coffee lovers will get to experience the benefits of ceramic burrs. Ceramic burrs are praised for their capability to stay cool without losing power.

The unit’s conical burrs are as powerful as the ones made with steel. Be careful when removing the burrs from the unit though since it can do damage on the glass grounds catcher.

Another benefit of ceramic burrs: they will not accumulate too much heat. Steel burrs will need a cooling setup or sporadic grinding with longer breaks to prevent the burrs from overheating or burning the beans. Ceramics can go on and on yet still maintain their cool temperature.

As a manual grinder, the Skerton has a large capacity. It is capable of containing up to one hundred grams of grounds compared to other grinders. While this might not be an advantage for ultra-fine grounds, this means a lot for granular grinds. Thus this product will go well with devices like the French press.

The bigger capacity is also ideal for creating cold-brew coffee which needs coarse grinds. Other than that, the unit makes coarse grind work a breeze. With other grinders, you have to pour and reload frequently, but you won’t have to do all that with this unit.

Customers who are loyal patrons of the Skerton appreciated the fact that you can make cold brew coffee and Turkish coffee with the device. This is considered a rarity in the industry since the former requires really coarse grinds while the latter needs ultra-fine ones. Proof enough that the product is versatile and a practical model.


There were a few customers who complained that the product’s grind uniformity sags during bigger grind settings. The glass parts of the item are also susceptible to breakage.


The Hario Skerton Ceramic Coffee Mill might be the manual grinder that you are looking for—affordable price, consistent grinds, a beautiful design and ceramic burrs. It is an exceptional product for a low, low price. Highly recommended!

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