Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder Review

Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder Review

A lot of people love coffee—they drink it any time of the day. The pep it provides is welcome in the morning and it also provides a nice jolt of energy in the afternoon and at night, perfect for folks doing all-nighters.

For the best cup of coffee, you need to grind your own beans at their peak level. Now we have handy manual coffee grinders to do that particular job.

Manual coffee grinders are usually smaller compared to electric ones and they are more affordable too. Consider the manual type if you like to travel with a portable coffee grinder or if you are the budget-conscious type.

Coffee grinders will help you save money on coffee in the long run. Searching for a good product? Check out our review of the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder.


  • Offers consistent grinds
  • Has conical ceramic burrs which can take less heat
  • Built-in Click feature has 18 varying grind settings
  • Suitable with the Aeropress, the Chemex, and the French press
  • Static-free hand grinder
  • Compact and portable design
  • Great steering performance


Electric coffee grinders might have more advanced features compared to manual types, but not every coffee enthusiast is into their functions and capabilities. A number of people actually prefer hand-cranked or manual models over electric ones due to their quieter operations and reasonable prices.

Electric grinders make use of motors in order to work hence they can get loud. Meanwhile, manual ones like the Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder rely on burrs and a hand crank, items which are practically noise-free.

When it comes to consistency, people believe that manual grinders are better in terms of even milling since the user has one hundred percent control over the grinding procedure.

If you want great value for your money, manual ones like this model from the Hunt Brothers usually have up to 18 grind settings to accommodate a selection of brewing systems from Aeropress methods down to Turkish coffee. The more settings a unit has the better it will be to test out a variety of brewing methods.

The Hunt Brothers grinder is made with durable, rust-free stainless steel so you can bet that you are going to use this product for a longer period of time. It also comes with conical ceramic burrs, which means your beans will not overheat over the course of the grind.

Ceramic burrs are the best burrs out there as told by some due to their capability to remain cool even during continuous milling.

If you want a manual grinder that is portable, quiet and has a sleek and stylish design, this one from Hunt Brothers is a good option. It is affordable and provides excellent performance. This will suit individuals who want to make only a small batch of coffee in one sitting.

The unit was a breeze to crank but it does not mean that it will never require effort. You need a bit of strength in order to mill the beans as it requires dexterity to maintain the stability of the unit over the course of the milling.

Customers who were satisfied with their Hunt Brothers purchase shared that the unit has a nice design for a burr grinder. It provided quiet operations, is portable and compact, can produce consistent grinds for a selection of grinding methods and was a snap to clean and maintain. Other customers also praised the company’s hardworking and friendly customer service.


Since this is a manual coffee grinder, it may take you a while to mill a sufficient amount of coffee for a pot. Using a hand crank will also require effort. This is not a model for those who are always on the go.


The Hunt Brothers Coffee Grinder is one of those highly-functional, excellent coffee-related devices out there. Due to its design and outstanding performance, it is a product that we recommended. It can perform on a level that’s on par with electric burr grinders but with less noise. Excels for home use

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