JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder Review

There are plenty of folks who enjoy a hot, steaming cup of brewed coffee made from quality beans. Coffee grinders are a nice choice for folks who want to drink nothing but the best quality coffee.

A cup that comes from beans that are ground recently cannot compare to other sources. In case you are convinced with the way a coffee grinder works, you can read more information about the JavaPresse’s Manual Coffee Grinder, one of the many models available now in the market.


  • Tested for quality multiple times
  • Includes quality burrs for the most accurate grinds
  • Portable and compact, perfect for traveling
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Has ergonomic construction
  • Includes extensive user guide
  • Backed up by 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Has helpful customer service


If you are not fond of machine noise or you live in a house with a few occupants, you might have skipped the idea of owning a coffee grinder. It is a given that due to the machine’s grinding motions, it can get a tad noisy. Electric grinders with their built-in motors create noises whenever the motors are at work.

This is why some people prefer conical burr grinders. Conical burr grinders often have lower decibel levels thus they will generate less sound. Apart from that, you also need one that provides steady, dependable grinds.

The JavaPresse excels in those aspects so if you are concerned about grinder noise and the quality of grounds, you can check this one out. The device has a brushed stainless steel construction and has a slim build as well. This will fit modern kitchens perfectly due to its appearance and material.

The device has ceramic burrs which are capable of doing their job; the grinder can handle ultra-fine grounds down to medium-coarse granules. It also provides 18 click settings which guarantee users that they will have a hundred percent control over the granularity of their coffee beans.

There were plenty of customers who gave the JavaPresse grinder positive feedback. Users who used the item together with the Aeropress were very satisfied with its functionality.

According to one Aeropress user, even though the milling procedure took a good two minutes to ground a scoop’s worth of beans, the whole process did not require much effort. For some customers, the device was a snap to clean and its built-in window provided a nice touch to the appearance of the whole grinder.

There were also customers who raved about the customer service of the company. One customer said the company has excellent, helpful customer service. She sent an email to the company about a damaged burr that malfunctioned after using it for only a couple of months.

The customer shared that she received an email back from customer service within 10-15 minutes asking for her complete address in order to send a replacement.

Apart from the replacement burr, the company also sent the customer the brand’s upgraded burrs, which were a new product. Suffice to say, a company with customer service staff that knows how to treat its patrons will often gather high points from consumers.


There were some customers who complained that the device was given the same cookie-cutter design as its competitors. Plus, it also retained similar design errors.

A few customers also gave the device average points due to its inconsistent grinds. Another customer complained that the plastic item that’s positioned within the conical burr is susceptible to damage.


The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is the device for you if you prefer quiete in the mornings while fixing your first cup of joe. Your companions in the house will thank you for it.

For many customers, the unit was also capable of producing consistent ground coffee and for Aeropress users, this is a good partner for the device according to several Aeropress enthusiasts. A decent find if you want a manual coffee grinder in your kitchen.

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